Getting Started With Lifting Weights

When it comes to getting fit, some may want to jump the gun and start lifting weights without knowing the proper techniques before they even start. It’s easy to Youtube videos about lifting weights such as this. However, it is more beneficial to research various other techniques in order to know what exactly you want to work on and how to get a well rounded workout routine. “When I had starting lifting weights, I had no idea what I was doing,” Joel Epistein, a Towson student said, “I just followed what other people were doing without asking for help.” For many students it can be tempting to just go in the gym and start lifting. Eventually you’ll learn proper weight lifting techniques, but they may be putting themselves at risk if they have no idea how to lift weights. This infographic below, provided by, shows targeted weight lifting for specific muscles in your arms:


As important as your arms are, it’s easy to forget to work your legs out as well, especially since as time goes on you’ll be lifting larger weights. Campus Recreation has a variety of different ways to work your legs out as well and if anything is broken, they are quick to replace them in order to keep the students happy.

Not only that, Campus Recreation is always trying to keep students happy, by having available Fitness Floor Staff at their gyms to assist with any needs a student may have. Brett Lueders, a Floor Staff member for Campus Recreation and Towson Student said, “We are always cleaning equipment and ensuring the safety of anybody at the gym.” All the Floor Staff  are certified to be ready in case an emergency happens to anyone in the gyms. “We have to go through extensive training before we are hired and are always helping students with equipment in case they need any” Lueders said. With the renovations being made, more fitness floor staff are being made available to better assist students with lifting weights and anything they may need. The Fitness Floor Staff isn’t the only help students can get at the gym, students are always happy to help others:

So remember, when lifting weights, do your research. Have someone spot you as you begin, especially when lifting large amounts of weights. And know that there are plenty of people at Burdick Hall that will be happy to assist you and give you tips if you need it.


(Photo Above By: Julio Gonzalez)

Towson Gets Personal Trainers

Towson has now hired personal trainers for students to schedule one on one appointments with. These personal trainers help create personalized workout plans for anyone who schedules an appointment, as well as giving guidelines and tips for their workouts.


Eric Barron, Assistant Director of Fitness at Campus Recreation, gives information to students who are interested in getting a personal trainer. “How we set students up is by having them complete a personal training registration packet which is confidential and only reviewed so that we can give that student a personal trainer we feel will be a perfect match for them,” Barron said. “From then on the personal trainer contacts the student so that they can get to better know who they are working with and have a wonderful experience overall.” Though the personal trainers may be from Towson’s Campus Recreation, non Towson students also have a chance to have one of these personal trainer as well. However, Towson students do get a slight discount compared to those who are not Towson students. “I think having a personal trainer that is nearby is wonderful because if they are in need of any consultations, they can meet with their personal trainers,” Barron said.

As all employees at Campus Recreation, they are properly trained and assist in many different fields. The personal trainers all obtain a nationally accredited certification to personal train. Chad Frishman, a Towson student in Healthcare Management, is receiving a Bronze personal training session where he will meet with his personal trainer or 3 sessions.  “It was such a great deal compared to the other gyms around Towson and the gym has really increased the amount of equipment they have,” Frishman said. For those who don’t want to spend lots of money on a personal trainer, having one at Towson Recreation is inexpensive compared to Towson’s gyms like LA Fitness which is a separate fee aside from the membership fee.


The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer – An infographic by the team at National Personal Training Institute

Having a personal trainer is a benefit for those who are not use to exercising and need that extra motivation to continue on with their plan. Also having that connection with someone who is creating a workout plan for you is important so that you can have a structured regiment to keep you on track of your goals.

(Photo Above Courtesy of: Towson Campus Recreation)

Towson Helps Save Lives Through Hands Only CPR Training

Towson offers various activities to help promote National Public Health Week from April 4th-9th. Each day, Towson University is holding events to help students with their mental and physical health. All the activities lead up to their 5K Run/Walk for Health on April 9th.



Physical health is important, however no matter how physically healthy a person is, anything can happen. That is why it’s important to know how to properly help someone in need. On Wednesday, April 6th, Towson’s Nursing Department helped students learn hands-only CPR. The chance of survival doubles if hands-only CPR is started within the first few moments of an adult collapsing. The wanted to teach busy students, for a few minutes, how to preform hands-only CPR once someone has alerted 911. Catherine R. Publico, a Nursing Professor for Towson, was there to overlook the event and offer any other information about saving lives:



They encourage anyone to deliver hands-only CPR about 100 compression’s to the tempo of BeeGee’s song, “Stayin’ Alive.” It is best not to stop until paramedics or another bystander can take over.


Here is a list of all the activities hosted by Towson on National Public Health Week:





Towson Promotes Physical & Mental Health For All Students

Towson University continues to provide fitness activities and large events for all of its students by holding their Heart Health and Fitness Fair for Heart Health Month.  The Heart Health and Fitness Fair was held on February 17th which was sponsored by Student Health Services, Campus Recreation, Department of Kinesiology, Nursing, and The Counseling Center to promote healthy lifestyles.



“This health fair was mainly held to bring awareness to Towson students about heart health, but there were also many other tables there,” Shanda Kersey, writer for the Towerlight, said.

These tables provided free massages, consultations with doctors, nutritional information, adult coloring stations, and quizzes given by the Student Government, all in hopes to better mental health.

“We offer various aquatic activities and exercises ranging from CPR and lifeguarding to swim lessons. There’s also group fitness, so things like yoga, barre, Zumba and intramural and competitive sports,” Austin Davis, Campus Rec Promotions Assistant, told Kersey.

For those who missed out on the Heart Health and Fitness Fair, Campus Rec continues to hold events to promote overall health and friendly competition.

Towson also hosts trips that students can take with each other to various places to make connections, and challenge themselves both mentally and physically. The next trip being hosted by Campus Rec is the Hiking Billy Goat Trail which is on Saturday, March 5th.

Students can sign up here and look at other trips Towson has to offer in the future for students who want to travel as well as stay active with other Towson students.

Burdick Hall’s Expansion Will Feature Increase In Faculty And Staff

Towson’s Burdick Hall’s expansion to a 22,000 square foot fitness floor, will also feature an increase in trained staff in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Towson students. In fact all of the positions at Burdick Hall’s staffing will be increased due to the expansion, Grady Sheffield, Director of Campus Rec at Towson, said.


Students who work out alone or are in need of fitness advice can ask for assistance by the fitness floor staff at Burdick Hall. Once the renovations are done, more staff will be available to help students accordingly.



“I am most excited for the increased programming opportunities and facility space the expansion will create for the university community and our students to utilize to increase their health and wellbeing”, Sheffield said.


The fitness floor isn’t the only thing being developed, once the expansion is completed Campus Rec will feature two multi activity courts, five group fitness studies, and an outdoor adventure center. These additions along with the three gymnasiums, climbing wall, and pool that Burdick Hall currently offers, will ensure students have a variety of ways to stay active.


“Overall, I am extremely pleased and excited for what is to come and thankful for the resources that have been provided to accomplish building a state of the art recreation facility for the university community”, Sheffield said. With the budget and resources that have been provided, Campus Rec plan to replace and add new equipment to all new fitness spaces in the expansion.


As of now there is no word of the operation hours of these new facilities being developed, but Campus Rec will address the operation hours Fiscal Year 2017.


Towson’s Athletic Club Open 24 Hours

The Towson Merritt Athletic Club has new 24-hour policy that started on January 24 of this year. Towson’s branch is following in the footsteps of its other sibling branches, and now members can drop into any of the nine Merritt branches whenever they feel like it, according to Baltimore Sun.

The Merritt Athletic club is not the only 24-hour gym in the Towson area, with the Anytime Fitness across the street from Towson University being opened at any time as well; the trend seems to be following many gyms.

Mark Miller, Merritt Athletic Clubs Vice President said to the Baltimore Sun, “Our goal is to be the best part of our members’ day, every day.”

Gyms around Towson are developing and transforming, Towson Universities own gym is working on its 40 million dollar expansion. Which will be finished in 2017, with 94,000 square feet added to the previous Burdick Hall according to Baltimore Business Journal.

Towson students who are trying to stay healthy until then can look to the Merritt Athletic Club, which has helped other students, stay in shape. Tom Zepp, a Towson University graduate, worked at Merritt Athletic Club in Eldersburg. He was able to reduce his weight from 310 pounds to 205 pounds, Zepp told CBS Baltimore.

The Towson Merritt gym tries to promote a healthy lifestyle for all with their group fitness activities and indoor/outdoor pool areas.

With the expanded hours of the Towson branch Merritt Club; the membership still stays the same, with 79 dollars a month or 150 dollars a month for a family of three. Students can join and have the luxury of going to the gym whenever they please. Which may be beneficial for those who feel confined by Towson’s Burdick gym hours.