How to Use Twitter in Media Relations

In the article “How to Use Twitter in Media Relations”, Sally Falkow’s starts off with how the internet has changed media in general.A study done in 2015 by Cision Social Journalism, only 6% of PR pros still write a press release on put it on the wire. Journalist are becoming very active in social media and mainly in Twitter. Falkow says 75% of Journalist use Twitter to build their own brand. It is an opportunity to connect with them online and see what they are writing about or looking for.

Twitter is a way to help create a story and target an audience that they would otherwise be unable to target. Twitter is a way to find sources and connect journalist with unique sources. As well as self promotion for businesses that have integrated social media with their marketing strategies.

The article explains how to connect with journalist via Twitter by making a list of journalist to follow as well as how to look for their twitter handle and pitching via Twitter which can make a connection to journalist that they are trying to reach.

The article is very helpful for those that are first starting out in journalism and need steps to connect with certain people. Not only does the article explain why being on Twitter is important, but how it can help forward someone’s career in the future. Falkow provides very insightful information on how Twitter is integrated in many different fields, including marketing, business, and public relations which all can be connected through Twitter in reaching an audience. For someone looking into making a professional Twitter for Journalism, referring to the article would be very helpful.


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