Towson University Hosts The Great Pumpkin Smash

Students participate in smashing pumpkins for midterms in order to relieve stress.

One by one students line up to smash their pumpkins for midterms. (Photo by Julio Gonzalez)

One by one students line up to smash their pumpkins for midterms.
(Photo by Julio Gonzalez/TU Student)

Towson’s presidential ambassadors, through their Gold & Black Giving Back Campaign, hosted The Great Pumpkin Smash where students were welcomed to smash pumpkins in order to rid themselves of the stress of midterms.

Doc the Towson mascot made an appearance at the event as well and smashed his own pumpkin.  “The line continued to get longer and longer,” Towson student Joel Epstein said, “it was so much fun, people played music and it made time fly by.”

Students who were able to attend the event were given a pumpkin to write what was causing them the most stress in black sharpie. Then the students got in line where everyone took turns smashing their pumpkin with a large hammer. A large tarp was laid out in order to catch any pumpkin bits and pieces that flew by.

Along with smashing the pumpkin, refreshments such as cookies and cider were served while students waited. “I saw they were giving out food so I decided to check it out and saw people were having fun so I waited in line too,” Benigno Baguio, Towson Senior said. Once students smashed the pumpkins they were to place their pumpkin remains in large bins that were onto of the tarp.

“I stayed long enough to catch Doc dancing around and smashing his pumpkin,” Epstein said, “It was funny watching him mess up a few times.” Doc coached students as they tried to lift the large hammer in order to smash the pumpkin. Students were encouraged to write out all things that stressed them out onto the pumpkin.

Gabi Wurtzel, student philanthropy manager, also attended the event to give information about Towson’s Gold & Black Giving Back Campaign. He welcomed students and handed out refreshments for the students to enjoy. The whole event drew a crowd as students passed by to attend classes. “I’m happy the event turned out great and I just feel sorry for all the pumpkins being smashed,” Wurtzel said.

The Great Pumpkin Smash was held October 22nd from 12-3 p.m. at what Towson residents call “The Beach” in front of the library. This is the second year Towson held the event and asked for donations from those who could. “I got to spend time with Doc the Tiger and have fun with my friends, I’m happy I donated,” Towson student Jessica Rodriguez said. Last year more than 650 students donated to Towson University and are trying to keep it going with their 150 Years of TU.


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