Towson’s Athletic Club Open 24 Hours

The Towson Merritt Athletic Club has new 24-hour policy that started on January 24 of this year. Towson’s branch is following in the footsteps of its other sibling branches, and now members can drop into any of the nine Merritt branches whenever they feel like it, according to Baltimore Sun.

The Merritt Athletic club is not the only 24-hour gym in the Towson area, with the Anytime Fitness across the street from Towson University being opened at any time as well; the trend seems to be following many gyms.

Mark Miller, Merritt Athletic Clubs Vice President said to the Baltimore Sun, “Our goal is to be the best part of our members’ day, every day.”

Gyms around Towson are developing and transforming, Towson Universities own gym is working on its 40 million dollar expansion. Which will be finished in 2017, with 94,000 square feet added to the previous Burdick Hall according to Baltimore Business Journal.

Towson students who are trying to stay healthy until then can look to the Merritt Athletic Club, which has helped other students, stay in shape. Tom Zepp, a Towson University graduate, worked at Merritt Athletic Club in Eldersburg. He was able to reduce his weight from 310 pounds to 205 pounds, Zepp told CBS Baltimore.

The Towson Merritt gym tries to promote a healthy lifestyle for all with their group fitness activities and indoor/outdoor pool areas.

With the expanded hours of the Towson branch Merritt Club; the membership still stays the same, with 79 dollars a month or 150 dollars a month for a family of three. Students can join and have the luxury of going to the gym whenever they please. Which may be beneficial for those who feel confined by Towson’s Burdick gym hours.


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