Burdick Hall’s Expansion Will Feature Increase In Faculty And Staff

Towson’s Burdick Hall’s expansion to a 22,000 square foot fitness floor, will also feature an increase in trained staff in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Towson students. In fact all of the positions at Burdick Hall’s staffing will be increased due to the expansion, Grady Sheffield, Director of Campus Rec at Towson, said.


Students who work out alone or are in need of fitness advice can ask for assistance by the fitness floor staff at Burdick Hall. Once the renovations are done, more staff will be available to help students accordingly.



“I am most excited for the increased programming opportunities and facility space the expansion will create for the university community and our students to utilize to increase their health and wellbeing”, Sheffield said.


The fitness floor isn’t the only thing being developed, once the expansion is completed Campus Rec will feature two multi activity courts, five group fitness studies, and an outdoor adventure center. These additions along with the three gymnasiums, climbing wall, and pool that Burdick Hall currently offers, will ensure students have a variety of ways to stay active.


“Overall, I am extremely pleased and excited for what is to come and thankful for the resources that have been provided to accomplish building a state of the art recreation facility for the university community”, Sheffield said. With the budget and resources that have been provided, Campus Rec plan to replace and add new equipment to all new fitness spaces in the expansion.


As of now there is no word of the operation hours of these new facilities being developed, but Campus Rec will address the operation hours Fiscal Year 2017.



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