Towson Promotes Physical & Mental Health For All Students

Towson University continues to provide fitness activities and large events for all of its students by holding their Heart Health and Fitness Fair for Heart Health Month.  The Heart Health and Fitness Fair was held on February 17th which was sponsored by Student Health Services, Campus Recreation, Department of Kinesiology, Nursing, and The Counseling Center to promote healthy lifestyles.



“This health fair was mainly held to bring awareness to Towson students about heart health, but there were also many other tables there,” Shanda Kersey, writer for the Towerlight, said.

These tables provided free massages, consultations with doctors, nutritional information, adult coloring stations, and quizzes given by the Student Government, all in hopes to better mental health.

“We offer various aquatic activities and exercises ranging from CPR and lifeguarding to swim lessons. There’s also group fitness, so things like yoga, barre, Zumba and intramural and competitive sports,” Austin Davis, Campus Rec Promotions Assistant, told Kersey.

For those who missed out on the Heart Health and Fitness Fair, Campus Rec continues to hold events to promote overall health and friendly competition.

Towson also hosts trips that students can take with each other to various places to make connections, and challenge themselves both mentally and physically. The next trip being hosted by Campus Rec is the Hiking Billy Goat Trail which is on Saturday, March 5th.

Students can sign up here and look at other trips Towson has to offer in the future for students who want to travel as well as stay active with other Towson students.


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