Towson Helps Save Lives Through Hands Only CPR Training

Towson offers various activities to help promote National Public Health Week from April 4th-9th. Each day, Towson University is holding events to help students with their mental and physical health. All the activities lead up to their 5K Run/Walk for Health on April 9th.



Physical health is important, however no matter how physically healthy a person is, anything can happen. That is why it’s important to know how to properly help someone in need. On Wednesday, April 6th, Towson’s Nursing Department helped students learn hands-only CPR. The chance of survival doubles if hands-only CPR is started within the first few moments of an adult collapsing. The wanted to teach busy students, for a few minutes, how to preform hands-only CPR once someone has alerted 911. Catherine R. Publico, a Nursing Professor for Towson, was there to overlook the event and offer any other information about saving lives:



They encourage anyone to deliver hands-only CPR about 100 compression’s to the tempo of BeeGee’s song, “Stayin’ Alive.” It is best not to stop until paramedics or another bystander can take over.


Here is a list of all the activities hosted by Towson on National Public Health Week:






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