Towson Gets Personal Trainers

Towson has now hired personal trainers for students to schedule one on one appointments with. These personal trainers help create personalized workout plans for anyone who schedules an appointment, as well as giving guidelines and tips for their workouts.


Eric Barron, Assistant Director of Fitness at Campus Recreation, gives information to students who are interested in getting a personal trainer. “How we set students up is by having them complete a personal training registration packet which is confidential and only reviewed so that we can give that student a personal trainer we feel will be a perfect match for them,” Barron said. “From then on the personal trainer contacts the student so that they can get to better know who they are working with and have a wonderful experience overall.” Though the personal trainers may be from Towson’s Campus Recreation, non Towson students also have a chance to have one of these personal trainer as well. However, Towson students do get a slight discount compared to those who are not Towson students. “I think having a personal trainer that is nearby is wonderful because if they are in need of any consultations, they can meet with their personal trainers,” Barron said.

As all employees at Campus Recreation, they are properly trained and assist in many different fields. The personal trainers all obtain a nationally accredited certification to personal train. Chad Frishman, a Towson student in Healthcare Management, is receiving a Bronze personal training session where he will meet with his personal trainer or 3 sessions.  “It was such a great deal compared to the other gyms around Towson and the gym has really increased the amount of equipment they have,” Frishman said. For those who don’t want to spend lots of money on a personal trainer, having one at Towson Recreation is inexpensive compared to Towson’s gyms like LA Fitness which is a separate fee aside from the membership fee.


The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer – An infographic by the team at National Personal Training Institute

Having a personal trainer is a benefit for those who are not use to exercising and need that extra motivation to continue on with their plan. Also having that connection with someone who is creating a workout plan for you is important so that you can have a structured regiment to keep you on track of your goals.

(Photo Above Courtesy of: Towson Campus Recreation)


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