Getting Started With Lifting Weights

When it comes to getting fit, some may want to jump the gun and start lifting weights without knowing the proper techniques before they even start. It’s easy to Youtube videos about lifting weights such as this. However, it is more beneficial to research various other techniques in order to know what exactly you want to work on and how to get a well rounded workout routine. “When I had starting lifting weights, I had no idea what I was doing,” Joel Epistein, a Towson student said, “I just followed what other people were doing without asking for help.” For many students it can be tempting to just go in the gym and start lifting. Eventually you’ll learn proper weight lifting techniques, but they may be putting themselves at risk if they have no idea how to lift weights. This infographic below, provided by, shows targeted weight lifting for specific muscles in your arms:


As important as your arms are, it’s easy to forget to work your legs out as well, especially since as time goes on you’ll be lifting larger weights. Campus Recreation has a variety of different ways to work your legs out as well and if anything is broken, they are quick to replace them in order to keep the students happy.

Not only that, Campus Recreation is always trying to keep students happy, by having available Fitness Floor Staff at their gyms to assist with any needs a student may have. Brett Lueders, a Floor Staff member for Campus Recreation and Towson Student said, “We are always cleaning equipment and ensuring the safety of anybody at the gym.” All the Floor Staff  are certified to be ready in case an emergency happens to anyone in the gyms. “We have to go through extensive training before we are hired and are always helping students with equipment in case they need any” Lueders said. With the renovations being made, more fitness floor staff are being made available to better assist students with lifting weights and anything they may need. The Fitness Floor Staff isn’t the only help students can get at the gym, students are always happy to help others:

So remember, when lifting weights, do your research. Have someone spot you as you begin, especially when lifting large amounts of weights. And know that there are plenty of people at Burdick Hall that will be happy to assist you and give you tips if you need it.


(Photo Above By: Julio Gonzalez)


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