How Media Companies Are Utilizing Snapchat

Like all new social media, it starts out as a trend and evolves, adding new innovation for the people that use it. Snapchat is a social media that once was only used for taking private pictures to send to others, but has now grown to becoming something that companies can utilize to promote themselves. It is important that media companies use Snapchat because of the young demographic those media companies may be able to reach. It is a sort of personal experience, making the user feel as if they are having a connection with these companies as they do with friends. Companies aren’t the only ones using Snapchat. Many organizations are using Snapchat as well in order to bring awareness to topics. For instance, the World Wildlife Fund utilize Snapchat to bring awareness about Endangered Animals.

Snapchat is another way to get news stories and to give followers a Behind the Scenes look at what’s going on with a company, event, or story. Snapchats growth in popularity has been exponential. From being only able to take photos and send them privately, to being able to add text to photos, to video sharing, to creating live stories for people to view, and now geofilters which adds another layers to people’s Snapchats. Below is a look at the timeline of Snapchat, provided by Yashisnapchat_timeline.jpg

It is very beneficial for companies to start getting into Snapchat because with the ‘Discover’ function people can find out about companies and get a huge following of new consumers. Many companies existing already use Snapchat to get closer to their consumers and hopefully trend from person to person. For example, Taco Bell was able to get a geofilter for Cinco De Mayo. Snapchat is a great marketing tool to get people to want to care about their company. Just like all social media that companies use, Snapchat is a way to create that personal connection with a consumer so that they know companies are there. Taco Bell isn’t the only one and with the ‘Discover’ tool, companies can create stories so that people can see the newest thing being made available.


Why Snapchat has grown so much is that they keep innovating their product to provide more use to its users. It touches on photo, video, text, while creating a time limit on all these things so that people are forced to create something exciting within that time. Since most people on social media don’t view full videos, it forces people to get their message across in under 10 seconds. If companies can get a hold of the consumers they are trying to reach within that time period, they can be successful in making that connection with the people who use Snapchat. Its important for any company that uses Social Media to take advantage of all that’s available so that they may be able to reach everyone. Snapchat especially since it has grown so greatly and will only continue to do so as they keep innovating their product.